Our Producers

Simply Free Range is owned and operated by Koallah Farm, which originally established an online ordering and delivery service for its grass fed, free range beef and lamb back in 2009.

Koallah Farm remains passionate about traditional, sustainable farming practices and the benefits respectful animal husbandry delivers to consumers. It developed a loyal clientele through its online sales and through a number of farmers markets around Victoria and quickly realised consumers are becoming more focused than ever on where their food comes from.

Koallah Farm invested itself in the free range meat industry and went about aligning with other like minded producers who farm sustainably - the way nature intended. The company formed partnerships and supply agreements with other passionate food producers like Jonesey's Dairy Fresh, Happy Valley, Gretta Valley and Fernleigh Free Range pork to develop its own comprehensive free range meat retail brand, Simply Free Range.

In addition to the superior taste of free range meat and the improved conditions for free range animals there is growing evidence of the health benefits of eating products from pastured animals.
To read more about Simply Free Range suppliers, please click on the links on the left hand side of this page. For any further information please email us at info@simply-freerange.com.au

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