Boutique abattoir on the way

Tuesday 3rd September, 2013

In addition to this week's launch of Simply Free Range's local deliveries, Koallah Farm is excited to announce its boutique abattoir will be operational early in the New Year.

Corangamite Shire Council unanimously approved the facility in April. After more than two decades without an abattoir in the Shire, farmers, butchers and other boutique meat retailers will be able to have their animals slaughtered locally.

Managing Director Steven Castle said the facility would mean that Koallah Farm would soon have full control of its beef and lamb supply chain - from paddock to plate.

"There are very few, if any, other Victorian companies that could claim to have full control of their supply chain right from the way the animals are raised and fed to the way the meat is prepared and sold to consumers," he said.

"We want our customers to have total trust that our produce has been farmed sustainably, fed naturally and butchered professionally and having all that occur within our own operation delivers that transparency."

"It is our experience that consumers are more focused than ever on where their food comes from."

Mr Castle said that on top of the benefits to Koallah Farm's own operation and supply to its Simply Free Range retail outlets, the abattoir would also allow the company to expand on, and streamline, its existing contract slaughter and boning service for locals.

"We're already providing contract slaughter and butchering services to locals who want to feed their family and friends with beef and lambs they've grown themselves," he said.

"Not having to truck animals out of the district for slaughter will help us meet growing demand for this service and provide greater assurances around provenance."

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