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Koallah Farm

Koallah Farm is a family-owned and operated property located in the lakes and crater region of South West Victoria.  Koallah Farm is on the banks of Lake Purrumbete in a thriving area of dairy, beef and lamb production.  It is situated only 10 minutes out of Camperdown and approx. 2 hours from Melbourne.

Koallah Farm is dedicated to the production and supply of high quality, free range, grass-fed beef and lamb.  The company aims to provide superior quality, nutritionally rich, tasty and environmentally responsible products that are also great value for money.

Koallah Farm has been in the Castle family for over 50 years and consists of 500+ acres of prime agricultural land. During this time, the farm has been utilised for a range of agriculture operations, including Dairying, Beef and Lamb production. 

Koallah Farm is managed using traditional farming techniques with an emphasis on the continued sustainability of the land and its production. Low stocking levels ensure that animals have sufficient access to pasture and water all year round in a tranquil environment.

For more information email info@koallahfarm.com.au

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