We all love sausages, but what's in them?

Tuesday 9th August, 2016


We are passionate about providing nutritious and ethical meat that can be trusted and traced to our animals at Koallah Farm. 

This commitment extends to our value-added products, of which sausages are by-far the most popular.

You'll notice that sausages with long shelf lives almost contain as much cereal as they do animal. These sausages generally contain emulsifiers, E-numbers, binding agents, preservatives and anything that helps them stay on the shelves longer - including collagen casings.

Providing a range of preservative free sausages isn't an easy thing - primarily because mince spoils so quickly. To overcome this, our handmade preservative free sausages come frozen.

The health benefits of buying grass fed meat are significant and we work hard to provide a range of sausages that maintains that nutritional integrity. After all, we all deserve to enjoy a guilt-free snag from time to time.   

Our range of preservative free sausages are made with natural hog casings and contain;

  • no preservatives
  • no gluten
  • no packet mixes
  • no binders
  • no flours
  • no eggs
  • no dairy 

Each sausage variety is made with our free range meats and a range of natural herbs and spices - all of which are listed under each product on our website.

For example, our Beef and Thyme Sausage contains beef, beef fat, thyme, nutmeg, salt, black pepper, garlic and olive oil. 

Not only is this range of sausages great for the health conscious, but we find it very popular with families who have intolerances and allergies to flour, dairy and eggs.

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